Resource Handbook

Academic Policies

Classroom Discipline and Management

All teachers have a basic classroom management plan for their classroom. This typically includes such things as: Behavioral expectations, signals for starting and ending activities, procedures to leave class during class time. For more information, please see LWSD Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Course Fees

As a public school, enrollment at Emerson K-12 is free. Some classes, however, require course fees for supplies and materials that are beyond what the school would typically provide for classrooms. Please review the course catalog for costs associated with your student’s classes. Be prepared to pay fees during the first week of classes.


Teacher expectations regarding homework will be included in the class descriptions. These should be considered when registering for classes; teachers expect homework to be completed as it is important part of course content.

Reporting of Student Progress

The regular and ongoing reporting of student progress is required for all Emerson K-12 students. The following is a schedule of the reporting of progress to parents:

Grade Level Format When Required By
K-12 Written Student Learning Plan Monthly WAC 392-121-182 (see Addendum A)
K-12 Report Cards November, January, April, June LWSD #414


In addition, all students should receive ongoing reports of progress from the teachers. Teachers continually monitor student progress and report to parents. If this is not happening in your student’s classes please notify the Principal. Communication between teachers and parents is critical at Emerson K-12 .

Student progress can and should be monitored regularly by parents by accessing the Skyward gradebook via Parent Access.

State and District Assessment Requirements

State and District Assessment Requirements:
Emerson K-12 students are expected to participate in district and state assessments, which are required by law.  These assessments provide critical information to help us design educational programs and advise parents of progress/growth and areas of challenge.  While some parents may have philosophical reasons for not wanting their students to participate, Emerson K-12 is a LWSD public school and as such is required to include all students in these ongoing assessments. Parents have the option to opt their student out of state assessments.  The State Assessment Parent Refusal Documentation Form is available at the office and needs to be signed prior to testing.

At this time the following assessments are given to students: 

Grade Level What When Required By

K, 1st, 2nd

DIBELS* Fall, Winter, Spring LWSD #414

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th  

SBA** - Math, Literacy Spring Washington State

5th , 8th & 11th

WCAS*** - Science Spring Washington State

10th & 11th

SBA** - Literacy, Math Spring Washington State

Visit the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website for more assessment information.
*Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills
**Smarter Balanced Assessment
***Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS)


All School Functions and Activities

  • Learning Fairs: These are held so students can highlight their academic achievements.
  • ASB: The Associated Student Body is a student organization that represents the student body. It plans fundraising, community service and extra curricular activities for the student body of Emerson K-12.

Activities at Your Neighborhood School

Students have same access to activities at their neighborhood school. Talk to your neighborhood school about these activities if you are interested.

  • Elementary: These may include before and after school band, choir, orchestra and after school activities sponsored by the school PTA.
  • Middle School/High School: These may include sports, band, and orchestra.

Attendance Policy


All state laws and LWSD policies regarding student attendance apply to Emerson K-12.In addition, Emerson K-12 students and parents have additional attendance requirements per the ALE WAC 392-121-182. Regular on-time attendance is critical to student success. Students who frequently miss classes do not do as well academically or socially at Emerson K-12.Students who are frequently late to class also miss valuable instruction and disrupt the learning of others because teachers have to spend time “catching up” kids who are late, interrupting the flow of instruction and classroom activities. While we understand that occasional absences and tardiness may be unavoidable, please be conscientious of the impact attendance has on the learning environment in our classrooms.

If your student will be absent or late, please inform the office staff on or before the absence. Messages can be left 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Students with frequent attendance concerns may be withdrawn from Emerson K-12 and referred for truancy workshops and hearings with King County Juvenile Court.

Responsibility for Attendance

  • Students and parents are responsible for school attendance.
  • The parent or legal guardian of any student who is absent from class is requested to leave a message with the school Attendance Office at 425-936-2311 within 48 hours to verify or excuse any absence. If the parent is aware of an impending absence, please call to notify the school in advance.
  • Parents may not excuse absences for students who are in the building and supposed to be in class.
  • Please see course syllabi regarding late work/make up policies.

Community Expectations

Emerson K-12 is an active community with staff, students, parents and younger siblings all interacting in a limited space. In general, consideration and respect for others in terms of noise level, behavior, etiquette, and food consumption, cover most situations; however the following is a list of specific rules and guidelines that will assist you. 

Campus Supervision:
Kindergarten-5th grade parents/guardians are required to be on-campus at all times supervising their children when not contiguously enrolled in classes.  6-12th grade parents/guardians are not required to be on campus, however, are encouraged to be on-campus weekly to ensure frequent communication with teachers and staff.  Parents /guardians of secondary (6-12) students may be required to be onsite if their student has ongoing behavior concerns. 6-12th graders with a break in their schedule must remain in the library, teen room or commons (or supervised by their parent/guardian)

Common Spaces:
We have many common areas at Emerson K-12 and as such they are a Community Responsibility.  Please keep this in mind when using any of these areas and be mindful of others by cleaning up after each use and taking your personal belongings with you.

  • Lockers to store family belongings are assigned on a first-come first serve basis.  Please see the office if you wish to be assigned a locker.
  • Lost and Found is kept in the Commons.  Clothing items and books will be held in the commons for two weeks then the items will be donated to charity.  Valuables (watches, jewelry, cell phones, etc.) will be held in the office. 
  • Toddler Room should be left in same or better condition than found.


  • The principal is available to help with any issues or concerns you may have.
  • Please keep conversations in the halls to business matters.  If you have concerns related to individual parents, students or staff members, please discuss it directly with that person or the principal and not with a third party.

Dress Code:
Students are reminded that their appearance significantly affects the way others respond to them. Matters of dress remain the primary concern of students in consultation with their parents. Student dress shall not be regulated except when there is a reasonable expectation that;

  1. A health or safety hazard shall be presented by the student's dress or appearance,
  2. Damage to school property shall result from the student's dress, or
  3. The student's dress or appearance shall create material and substantial disruption of the educational process at the school.

In terms of this policy, disruption includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Student rioting, destruction of property, or
  • Widespread shouting, or boisterous conduct, or
  • Substantial student participation in a school boycott, sit-in, stand-in, walk-out, or
  • Other related forms of activity.

Drop Off/Pick Up:
For student safety, please drop off/pick up students no more than 10-15 minutes before and after classes.  We do not have staffing to monitor students arriving too early and/or leaving late.

  • 6-12th grade siblings can come early or stay ate (up to an hour) if siblings are enrolled in classes starting earlier or ending later.
  • Elementary students not supervised by parents cannot be dropped off early or picked up late.

Nuisance items:

  • NO skates, skateboards, scooters on campus.  LWSD does not allow these on campus. 
  • Cell phones must be silenced in the classroom.
  • Electronic items should be used with headphones.  Please keep them at a volume that does not disturb others and do not use them in classrooms.  Follow LWSD Student Acceptable Use Procedures.

Phone calls:
Office phones are available for students to use if needed.   Calls need to be kept short.

The photocopier is available for parents to use to make occasional copies for their student. 

Teacher class time:
Teachers should not be interrupted during class time.  If you need to see a teacher, please schedule an appointment outside of class time.  If it is a family emergency, please see the office staff.



Health Services:
Lake Washington School District is committed to the health and wellness of our students.  Please visit the district Health Services website for details on the following:

  • Allergies—what to do if your student has sever allergies
  • Health Resources—information about support and assistance in the district, community and on the web
  • Immunizations—vaccinations required by Washington state law for school attendance
  • Life-Threatening Health Conditions—what to do when your child has a serious illness or medical concerns that may affect your child at school
  • Medication at School—procedures and appropriate use of prescription and non-prescription medicine
  • Student Health Forms—documents that provide information about medical conditions and care
  • Tips for Staying Well—ways to help prevent illness and keep students healthy
  • Too Sick for School—when to keep you sick child home from school

Hearing and Vision Screening:
Hearing and vision screenings will be conducted for students in grades k-5 and 7 at each building during the first three months of the school year.  Screening is conducted by district health specialists with the assistance of trained parent volunteers.  Hearing and vision rescreening is conducted within two weeks.

Medical Emergencies/Injury Incidence:
If you or one of your children is injured on the Emerson K-12 campus please notify the office immediately. If the injury is life threatening, please call 911 and then notify the office. 

Registration Process

Drop/Add classes:

  • Parents/students may drop classes after meeting with their WSLP Advisor. 
  • Parents/students may add classes at the beginning of a semester after meeting with their WSLP Advisor.
  • All students must be enrolled in at least one class with a certificated teacher.

Schedule changes:
The impact of schedule changes effects all classes, so once schedules have been developed, parents/students will have up to two weeks after the beginning of each semester to make changes.   Once 2 weeks of the semester has passed, any changes need to be approved by all of the following:

  • Teacher of class being dropped
  • Teacher of class being added
  • WSLP Advisor
  • Principal

Full time/Part time status:
Maintaining the relationship of a partnership is an integral part of the Emerson K-12 philosophy.  Our focus is to establish a true educational partnership with families, therefore, students will be held to the following status requirements.

Part time students:

  • Any grade:  2-6 hours in class,  no home hours monitored

Full time students:

  • Elementary (K-5):  28 total hours monitored (6-12 hours in class)
  • Middle School (6-8):  28 total hours monitored (6-12 hours in class)
  • High School (9-12):  28 total hours monitored (6-12 hours in class)

High School Credit:
In order to earn high school credit for coursework outside of Emerson K-12 classes:

  • The Lake Washington Request for Credit for Equivalency Course of Study must be completed as part of the student’s learning plan before the student begins the learning experience.
  • The Equivalency Course of Study must align with district standards and provide a viable assessment.  After completion, credit determination will be made by the principal and WSLP Advisor.


Check in with Office:
In efforts to be sure all persons are accounted for during an emergency, we ask that all Emerson K-12 students, parents, toddlers, family, etc. sign in with the office.  If you do not already have a school badge, please use one provided by the office.  This tells staff you have checked in and are okay to be on campus. 
When leaving campus, please stop by the office to sign out.  Do not sign out before you actually are walking out the door – emergencies can happen at any time and we need to be sure our information is as accurate as possible.

Discipline / Parents On Site:
Parents do not need to be on site if students are contiguously in classes, but a phone number where a parent can be reached must be on file in the office (parent may be required to be with students with ongoing behavior concerns).

High School students will be allowed to leave campus during their lunch break once a permission form is signed by a parent/guardian.  Off campus permission forms can be requested from the office.  An off-campus pass is a PRIVILEDGE for 9-12th graders and may be revoked for due cause at the discretion of the principal.  Students assume responsibilities for their conduct while off campus.   Students will need to sign out when leaving campus for lunch and sign in when returning to campus.

Parent to Parent:
Since no supervisory staff is assigned to the hallways, commons, and outdoor area of Emerson K-12, parents may occasionally be in the position of redirecting the behavior of children who are not their own. Whenever possible, find the child’s parent or an Emerson K-12 staff member, so they can directly deal with the child.  If the situation is unsafe or serious infraction of school rules, immediately contact the principal or office staff. 

Safety Drills:
Emerson K-12 participate in mandatory monthly safety drills.  These include fire drills, lock down drills, earthquake drills and shelter-in-place drills,  Participation is mandatory for anyone who is on campus during a drill.  If you are on campus during a drill/alarm, please follow directions of school staff.

Service Animals:
The Lake Washington School District acknowledges its responsibility to permit students and/or adults with disabilities to be accompanied by a “service animal” as required by federal laws and Washington State’s law against discrimination. This policy governs the presence of service animals in the schools, on school property, including school buses, and at school activities.  Please visit the LWSD website for more information.

In order to manage the risks associated with the presence of dogs on district property, the following restrictions applies to dogs on school grounds and in buildings:

  • No dogs are allowed on district property between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. on any school day, except for bona fide service dogs.
  • At all other times dogs must be leashed and controlled by owners. Owner must clean up after their dogs and remove waste from district premises.

Transportation and Parking Safety:
Please be mindful of those around you when dropping off/picking up your student for the day.  The small parking lot can get congested quite quickly in the mornings and afternoons.  If you are dropping off/picking up, please pull as far forward as you can so the cars behind you can get into the parking lot and not block traffic on the main road. 

  • PLEASE DO Drop students off in the parking area in the upper parking lot (near the portables).  You may park your car in the designated parking areas. (upper or lower lots).
  • PLEASE DO NOT use the parking lot as a gathering place.
  • PLEASE DO NOT park/wait in the fire lane. 
  • PLEASE DO NOT park in the handicap parking spaces unless you have an approve state handicap parking placard or license plate.
  • The parking lot is busy – use caution, slow speed and watch for small children.


Acceptable Use Policy:
Access to the networks, internet and the information technology environment within LWSD network is a privilege and must be treated as such by all users of the network.  Please review the LWSD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Laptop Information:
We are very excited about the opportunity to provide students in grades 5-12 with a laptop to enhance the academic experience.  The goal of the program is to help students meet the district’s mission and vision of  ‘Every student future ready: prepared for college, prepared for the global workplace, prepared for personal success’.  Providing a 1:1 computer environment gives students the tools to learn and integrate the content knowledge and skills called for in the district student profile.  This program is completely optional.

To tell them apart, a non-permanent sticker will be placed on the device. These computers need to last several years and your student may not get the exact same device every year. As a result, stickers that cannot be easily removed are not allowed.

The program is also an important way for students to learn to take personal responsibility. Each student is responsible for a laptop.  Please note that the laptop issued to a student will be his/her own laptop to use for the year both at home and at school. Your student is responsible for that specific laptop and must turn it in at the end of the school year.  A copy of the laptop handbook is available: please review it with your student.

Because of the value of these devices, we must have the following completed before issuing a laptop. 

  1. Student Computer Inspection Form – needs to be signed by both parent and student and returned
  2. Student/Parent Laptop Agreement – needs to be signed by both parent and student and returned.  The Student/Parent Laptop Agreement states that students are responsible for loss/damage to the district provided netbook when checked out from Emerson K-12.  Before another netbook can be checked out to the student, the fine must be paid in full. If you are unable to pay the full amount due when damage occurs, please contact the office to establish a payment plan.  You can contact us at 425-936-2311.

The school has both a color and black & white printer for student and parent use.  Printing is for completing homework assignments.  The color printer is a high-end quality printer we will only provide for final copies. 

Saving Work:
Students must save work to district provided OneDrive or personal USB drive. 

Student E-mail:
4th-12th grade students are given a unique email account.  The web-based email is in Microsoft Outlook and runs off of a district server.  Intended for educational communication, the email is an excellent tool for sending work between school and home. 

You can access student email a couple of ways:

Student User Names and Passwords:
The computers at Emerson K-12 are for the use of all students, staff and parents to further their educational pursuits.  To ensure individual student responsibility and protection of student work, each student is given a unique student username and password at the beginning of each year.  Students may reset their password once logged on the first time while using a district computer.  Passwords cannot be changed at home.  As each student’s password is unique, it is important parents ask and know their student’s username and password.  Parents may log onto computers using their Parent Access username and password.   


Written Student Learning Plans

A Written Student Learning Plans (WSLP) is required for all students attending Emerson K-12.  The WSLP provides accountability for student learning at school and at home.  This includes weekly contact with certificated teacher and monthly progress reports. These plans will be developed by the teacher with parent input following the guidelines that are set in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 392-121-182 (see Addendum A).   The WAC requires WSLP meetings each calendar month.

WSLP includes:

  • Descriptions of coursework, materials & curriculum.
  • Course goals & objectives tied to state standards.
  • Timelines & evaluation methods.

WSLP Compliance:

  • WSLP aligns with district & state standards and must be completed/approved prior to class attendance.
  • Parents must participate in monthly progress reviews with their student’s WSLP advisor by completing Monthly Progress Reports.
    • These are due by the 25th of each month. 
    • Parents have a few options to participate in progress reports:
      •  meet in person
      • discuss over the phone
      • Email WSLP advisor
    • Parents need to provide progress details for both classes at Emerson K-12 and outside of Emerson K-12.
  • Students must regularly attend and participate in class activities and assignments.

Failure to comply with any/all of the above requirements in a timely manner will result in students being withdrawn from Emerson K-12.  Once a student is withdrawn for lack of compliance, they may forfeit any ability to return/reenroll.