Parent Responsibilities

1)  Parents must participate in the development & monthly maintenance of a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) for each student attending. The plan will include a description of the specific learning goals and performance objectives and be tied to district overall goals and objectives for student academic achievement.

2)  The parent/guardian serves as one of the student’s teachers and is required to provide instruction in all subjects addressed in the WSLP, supervise all learning activities and support instruction designated to take place in the Emerson K-12 classroom.  The WSLP will be reviewed once a month by the WSLP advisor and progress reported to the parent.   Please note: WSLP’s for part-time students only include Emerson K-12 classes. 

3)  Parents will document at least 28 hours of learning activities per regular five-day school week for each full-time student. These hours may consist of those hours of instruction that are provided by Emerson K-12 staff, those that are supervised by the parent/guardian and designated in the learning plan, and those that are spent participating in state and/or district assessments.

4)  Students will meet with certificated staff in the context of classes each week.

5)  Parents will complete and turn in a Monthly Progress Report every month that includes work samples and documentation of all learning activities.

6)  All students will participate in state and district assessments, including WaKIDS, FastBridge, Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), and Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS).

7)  Parents of students in grades K-5 are required to be on site when their students are not contiguously enrolled in classes.

8) Parents must sign a Participation Agreement annually agreeing to the requirements of the program upon enrollment to Emerson K-12.

9) Parents must read a Statement of Understanding annually in order to understand the differences between Home-Based Instruction (homeschooling) and the Alternate Learning Experience (ALE) program at Emerson K-12

10) Parents must complete the LWSD Volunteer Application in order to be allowed to volunteer in Emerson K-12 classrooms and/or attend field trips.

 Failure to comply with the responsibilities described above may result withdrawal from Emerson K-12.