The Emerson K-12 Library has a variety of instructional resources to assist in student homework or instruction at home as well as many library books for students to enjoy.

We encourage and support lifelong learning and literacy by maintaining an up-to-date, diverse collection of materials in a variety of formats:

  • teaching reading and research information skills which result in self-reliant and critical users of information
  • promoting a love of reading
  • supporting curriculum with instructional resources.

Library Expectations:

  • All ages of students may be in the library at the same time. Our older students are expected to respect the needs of our younger students by keeping language and behavior appropriate for their younger peers.
  • Food, beverage and chewing gum are not allowed in the library.
  • The library is a quiet place for students and parents to work and study. Please respect them but keeping your voice to a whisper when visiting the library.

Materials Check-Out:

Students and parents/guardians are able to checkout items from the Emerson K-12 library.  As with any library, you will be responsible for the return of any items including textbooks you have checked out.  Failure to return materials may result in fines and withholding of diplomas, transcripts and yearbooks.

· Library Materials = 2 week checkout

· Textbook Materials = semester or entire school year checkout

Search Catalog:

You can search our library for books online by visiting Destiny, 

  1. Under Choice Schools, select Emerson K-12.
  2. Click on Catalog tab found at the top of the page.
  3. Start typing what you are searching for.
  4. Press enter to see if it our library has it and if it is currently available.

Online Resources