School History

Emerson K-12 is a choice school in Lake Washington School District designed to support families who want to partner in the education of their children.  As a Parent Partnership Program, the goal of Emerson K-12 is to provide a variety of academic and enrichment classes to partner with and assist parents in the education of their children. Classes are generally offered two days a week. In partnership with certificated staff, an individualized learning plan is created for your child that meets district and state standards.  Our program is fully accredited and offers a Lake Washington School District high school diploma.

Emerson K-12 was founded as Family Learning Center (FLC) in 1995 by a small group of parents and district personnel with the goal of providing district support to parents who were home-schooling their children.  Since then, Emerson K-12 has grown from operating out of one room at Gordon Hauck School to our current location and has grown from an enrollment of 20 to roughly 100 full time students. Emerson K-12 continues to change each year. 

Over time, the state regulations governing our school have changed.  We operate under the Alternative Learning Experience part of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 392-550) which is constantly being reviewed by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).  As one of many choice schools in the district, our work is to meet the Lake Washington School District Vision: Every Student Future Ready:  Prepared for College, Prepared for the Global Workplace, Prepared for Personal Success in a non-traditional setting. Emerson K-12 students are held to the same academic standards as students in other district schools and our focus continues to be on helping students meet district and state standards.

We serve kindergarten through twelfth grade students in a variety of core and enrichment classes.  In addition to engaging in coursework at Emerson K-12, our students also participate in Running Start,  WaNIC (Washington Network for Innovative Careers), and their neighborhood schools.  

On any given day, you will find parents, students, siblings, and staff engaged in a multitude of learning activities.  It remains a vibrant and active place that provides meaningful learning opportunities to students in multi-age environments.  It is an exciting and engaging place to learn.